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  • Stock Trading

    Learn how to identify, trade and take profits from the stock market. This complete course will take you from the status of beginner to confident trader.

  • Currency Trading

    Unravel the mysteries of currency or “forex” trading quickly and easily. You could be trading successfully after just a few hours of learning.

  • Scalping Forex

    Medium to long term trading is great but you may also want to learn how to make profits quickly. This course will deliver techniques that can deliver exactly that.

  • Trade Analyser

    Record your trades and analyse your results to keep track of what is working best. Then boost your profits by doing more of what brings the bigger profits more quickly.

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Earnings Disclaimer

Trading any market carries risk and we cannot guarantee that any individual will make money or even that they won't lose money that they decide to trade with.

We standby our products and the techniques that we include in the training that we provide. However, trading is not suitable for everyone and we each have varying levels of ability, knowledge and skill.

What we teach has worked extremely well for John  Bartlett and for many of the thousands of people who have used his teaching. Neither John Bartlett or anyone else associated with this training offers investment advice. We use example trades for the purpose of showing how traders operate. These examples are for educational purposes only.

If you do decide to trade, using the techniques taught in our courses or any other techniques, we urge you to only ever trade funds that you can afford to lose.

Statute requires that we advise everyone to take professional advice before deciding to undertake any form of trading.