Stock Trading Course

Learn Stock Trading from the legend that is John Bartlett. His simple to follow, easy paced training has taught thousands of people to trade successfully.


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Works With Any Device

The Stock Trading Course can be used with a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile and on MAC, Apple, PC and Android.

A Wealth of Features

  • Completely Online

    All of your training and trading will take place online using your own, dedicated, secure trading account.

  • Hours of Video

    The Stock Trading Course comprises hours of video footage that is available 24/7 and remains accessible to you permanently. That means you can learn at your own pace and can revisit the training whenever you wish and as often as you wish to do so.

  • Proven to Work

    John Bartlett taught this course in a classroom environment as well as online. Thousands of people have used it to learn how to trade successfully and John has been able to develop its content inthe light of feedback from his trainees.

Proven To Work

  • Full Support

    This course is brought to you by practising, successful traders with direct personal access to John Bartlett who has given his blessing to this project.

  • Fast Track

    The Stock Trading Course quickly gets to the heart of how to trade. John Bartlett has cut through the vast amount of complexity and false claims put forward by many people in the trading training industry. This simplifies and speeds up the learning and confidence building process.

  • More Than Just Technical Training

    John Bartlett clearly understands that knowing the nuts and bolts of trading is not enough. In addition, traders need to understand the psychology and the thinking processes behind the decisions that they make. This is covered thoroughly in the training.